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Mar 13

Victims Advocate Program Assistant

The Crime Victim’s Program Assistant is responsible for performing work related to the Tribal Crime Victim’s Program (TCVP). Duties include serving as an advocate, providing community outreach and education, overseeing volunteers programs and training, working closely with the tribal and non-tribal criminal justice systems for document relay and case management. Will provide advocacy services and support to victims …

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Feb 17

Position Opening – Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager is a working, hands-on supervisor that provides daily supervision to maintenance and custodial staff engaged in the operational maintenance of the building facilities and grounds by planning, scheduling, supervising, and performing routine preventative maintenance and repairs on buildings, HVAC systems, water systems, roofing, windows, access ramps, equipment maintenance and grounds landscaping to include noxious weed control, drainage …

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Jan 24

RFP – Design-Build Fisheries/Admin Office Building

REQUEST FOR DESIGN-BUILD SERVICES FOR THE Hoh Tribe Administration/Fisheries Office Building INTRODUCTION The Hoh Tribe is soliciting architect/construction firms with expertise in providing Design-Build services to submit qualifications for the construction of a new Administration Building. The Design-Builder selected must have the ability to provide the full-range of services or to team with sub-consultants or …

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Jan 06

Intent to RFP Design/Construction of Fisheries/Administration Building

The Hoh Tribe is publishing this intent to RFP for Design and construction of the Fisheries/Administration building. The RFP will be published on January 23, 2016. Questions or comments should be directed to Catherine Edwards, Executive Director at 360-374-6501 or by email to

Jan 03

Draft Enrollment Ordinance

DRAFT DATE 10/12/16 – CJD DRAFT Title 15 HOH ENROLLMENT ORDINANCE §2.001 AUTHORITY AND PURPOSE: (a) The authority for this Ordinance is found in the Hoh Constitution, Articles II and IV. (b) The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide for the development and maintenance of the membership roll of the Tribe, to ensure the …

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Nov 02

Website Development RFP

HOH INDIAN TRIBE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL & QUALIFICATIONS (RFP & RFQ) Website Development A. Introduction: We are a small Tribe located 23 miles south of Forks. We have 256 enrolled citizens and half of them under the age of 18. Our reservation has limited broadband, internet and wireless connectivity. One of our strategic goals, is …

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Oct 17

BIE Scholarships

An Introduction to the Bureau of Indian Education’s Higher Education Grant Program The Bureau of Indian Education’s (BIE) Higher Education Grant Program is not an entitlement program. It is important for you to become familiar with the requirements of the BIE’s Grant program college admission requirements, as well as your tribe’s eligibility terms and the …

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Sep 23

RFP – Trainer – Trauma Informed Care

Hoh Indian Tribe Request for Proposals for Trauma Informed Care Trainer Background The Hoh Tribe is seeking proposals from organizations and entities, with trainers who will conduct a 2 day workshop on Trauma Informed Care. Participants of this workshop will be all Hoh Tribe Family Service staff, Tribal Law Enforcement, and Tribal Court Staff; it …

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Sep 21

RFP Construct Playground

Hoh Indian Tribe Request for Proposals Construction and Installation of Playground Equipment I. Hoh Indian Tribe The Hoh Indian Tribe (“Tribe” or “Hoh Tribe”) is located in western Washington State in Jefferson County, 28 miles south of Forks, Washington II. Scope of Work This project consists of the installation of a playground system including fall …

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Jul 19

Hoh Tribe Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Higher education is important for our survival as a sovereign nation. It is the weapon of today that ensures our future – once we armed with an education, we become stronger as a Nation. To support our vision and achieve our vision higher education is crucial. With this in mind our Higher Education …

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