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Request for Proposal for Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning for Hoh Tribal Business Committee

A. Introduction:

The Hoh Tribe is located in western Washington State in Jefferson County, 28 miles south of Forks. It is governed by the Hoh Tribal Business Committee, made up of 7 members, elected to two year terms by the General Counsel. Three members were elected in October 2015. The Hoh Tribe Business committee is launching a strategic planning process that will define it’s direction for the next three years. The successful consultant will design a process to solicit input from the Tribal citizens, staff and Council.

B. Period of Performance

Strategic Planning session should be held in March and follow-up documentation within 2 weeks of the work session.

C. Scope of Work:
In an effort to clearly define the Tribe’s budget priorities and to establish goals and objectives consistent with a mission in a defined time frame within the Tribe’s capacity for implementation the Business Committee wishes to utilize the services of a professional facilitator to facilitate it’s strategic plan/goal setting effort and create all associated documentation. Additionally the Business Committee wishes to engage it’s community members, staff and council members in this effort to solicit public input cultivate transparency and to build consensus concerning the Tribe’s future. The session should include the following desired and possible outcomes.
Desired Strategic Planning Outcomes:
• Establishment/revision of organizational vision, mission, priorities, goals and outcome measures.
• Clarity on our identity, purpose and what outcomes we are trying to achieve. We need to have a long term perspective, and be positioned to respond quickly to opportunities.
• Positioned for effective engagement with external partners (Federal and state agencies, cities, counties, organizations) and the public; establishment of tools for communicating The Hoh Tribe purpose and organizational goals.
• Tools developed to evaluate whether we are making progress toward achieving organizational goals.
• Opportunities to improve organizational efficiencies are identified, prioritized.
• Tribal Council development opportunities and quality improvements are identified and prioritized, to improve organizational leadership culture and ensure the Hoh Tribe is a desirable environment.
Possible Strategic Plan Elements:
• Hoh Tribal Profile and Situational Assessment: Assessing the current status and key issues facing the organization.
• A Vision of Hoh Tribe in relation to our Mission.
• A Mission Statement for the Hoh Tribe that simply and concisely defines our role.
• Measurable Outcome Objectives Broad regional economic, environmental, and social outcomes that Hoh Tribal programs are working to achieve in the light of the Vision.
• Measurable Organizational Objectives: Administrative system improvements and other outcomes that reflect operational efficiencies, how attractive we are to partner with, and how much people want to work here.
• Action/Implementation Plan: Process for implementing the changes and measuring progress.
• Priority list of actions and resources needed to accomplish desired changes.

D. Bid Requirements: All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the front of the envelope with:

Proposal must be submitted to the Hoh Tribe in Forks, Washington by 3:00 p.m. (P.D.S.T.) on Monday February 29, 2016.
E. Each Proposal Must Contain the Following Elements:
• Qualifications:
• Rate Schedule:

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