May 19

Court Survey

To the Hoh Community,

There’s a Hoh Tribal Court Assessment taking place this month. The purpose of the assessment is to identify gaps in the court’s operations and suggest recommendations for improving the Hoh Tribal Court so additional BIA funding can be obtained. My consulting firm, Court Consultant, was at the courthouse May 10th to 13th interviewing justice system members, reviewing case files, and observing court. We would also like to hear the community’s opinion of the Hoh Tribal Court. If you double-click on the link below, it will take you to a 10-question survey; the 10th question allows you to add whatever comment you would like. Your opinions are anonymous and confidential. The survey will be available until May 31st.


If double-clicking doesn’t work, please paste the line into your browser window and press RETURN or ENTER.

Thank You! Tribal Court and the Business Committee appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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