Jul 19

Hoh Tribe Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Higher education is important for our survival as a sovereign nation. It is the weapon of today that ensures our future – once we armed with an education, we become stronger as a Nation. To support our vision and achieve our vision higher education is crucial. With this in mind our Higher Education program provides supplemental financial aid in the form of scholarships, $350 for part-time students and $700, for full-time students.

We receive funding annually from the Bureau of Indian Education, an extremely small amount of funding, so to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of these funds we have agreed upon the scholarships amount above. We will write a check in the student’s name and they can pay tuition and/or books and fees out of the money they receive.

Recognizing that our Higher Education funding is supplemental in nature, tribal citizens are encouraged and expected to take advantage of institution sponsored financial aid programs and other sources of funding to assist with college costs.

Our Higher Education funds are not an entitlement nor are they a general welfare program anyone wishing to participate must meet the application requirements and provide all necessary documentation. Award consideration is based on the availability of funds, dates of receipt, completion of application.
Students will need to file a FAFSA, seek additional grants and scholarships, and provide proof that you have done so.

 An enrolled Chalaat citizen
 Proof of enrollment in an accredited institution of higher learning
Applicant files containing the following will be considered for an award:
 Completed College Student Assistance Application
 Official high school, college transcripts or GED scores whichever is most recent indicating a 2.0 GPA or better.
 Verification of Tribal Citizenship
 Letter of Admission/Acceptance from college/university student is attending
 Any other documentation/verification as requested.
 A Personal Essay

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