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RFP Construct Playground

Hoh Indian Tribe
Request for Proposals
Construction and Installation of Playground Equipment

I. Hoh Indian Tribe
The Hoh Indian Tribe (“Tribe” or “Hoh Tribe”) is located in western Washington State in Jefferson County, 28 miles south of Forks, Washington

II. Scope of Work
This project consists of the installation of a playground system including fall zone material. Work is to include the installation of Cedar works playground as well as the installation of commercial grade playground equipment, anchors, equipment footings, drainage materials, landing mats and fall zone material, weed block paper, landscape boarder,
Task Responsibility:
1. Site preparation, excavation and grading
2. Drainage System Installation
3. Concrete retaining border
4. Playground Equipment Siting, Layout, Design, Supply, and Install
5. Safety Surfacing Supply and Install
6. Site Restoration- minor landscaping, seeding, repairs, etc.
8. Park Furniture supply and installation

III. Period of Performance

IV. Compensation
All proposals must include a proposed method and rate of compensation.
The proposer certifies that the proposal has arrived at independently and has been submitted without any collusion designed to limit competition. The proposer further certifies that the materials, products, services and/or goods offered herein meet all requirements of the stated specifications and are equal in quality, value and performance with highest quality, nationally advertised brand and/or trade names.

V. Minimum Qualifications
a. License, bonded and insured.
b. Native American Preference Applies.

VI. Proposal Requirements

VII. The Hoh Indian Tribe requests the following to be submitted with the proposal:
1. A covering letter signed by an authorized representative of the company outlining the intent of the response and stating that the information contained in the response accurately describes the services to be provided. The response must also guarantee that all quoted prices will be honored for a minimum of ninety (90) days from the closing date.
2. A description of the Contractor’s organization, size, and services provided areas of expertise, length of time in operation and number of playgrounds completed must be addressed.
3. Three valid references must also be provided. If there are special concerns or restrictions on the Hoh Tribe’s use of the reference, these concerns should be addressed in the proposal.
4. A detailed listing, with descriptions, of successfully completed projects that demonstrate the Proponent’s experience with providing the types of services required by this RFP.
5. A description of who will install the playground, including the name of the lead hand and a description of past project experience.
6. Proponents may provide any additional comments about their experience, capacity, and resources which they feel would be informative and beneficial to Hoh Tribe.
7. Complete price sheet breakdown.
8. Submit optional pricing (if required).
9. All or any product warranties.
10. All or any product maintenance, service considerations and/or inspection schedules.
11. Submit photos to scale, detailed playground siting and equipment layout, “3D” rendering presentation, and list of all playground specifications, features and components.
12. Submit detailed site plans and technical drawings to enable the design of curbing and drainage system.

All proposals must be submitted to the
Hoh Tribe
P O Box 2196
Forks WA 98331
Or via or email to catherine.edwards@hohtribe-nsn.org by.

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