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Website Development RFP


Website Development

A. Introduction:
We are a small Tribe located 23 miles south of Forks. We have 256 enrolled citizens and half of them under the age of 18. Our reservation has limited broadband, internet and wireless connectivity. One of our strategic goals, is to establish a dynamic, innovative, proactive tribal leadership exercising sovereignty in ways that are effective, efficient, visible, utilizes leading edge technology and is guided by our tribal citizens.

Our organization currently utilizes G-Suite for our business and government communications, and we are seeking to integrate these services within our public facing website. Any and all proposals can and should include details about the applicants experience in leveraging G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) in their website design offerings. For a complete list of technologies currently utilized by our organization, feel free to email it@hohtribe-nsn.org with questions, comments or concerns.

B. Period of Performance

C. Scope of Work: We are looking for a redesign of our website, that we can link to social media and allows us to remain competitive in today’s market. We are looking for simplicity for our end users, who are our Tribal citizens, but we also want to be known for forward thinking, and utilizing cutting edge technology.

 Increase use among our citizens and their children
 Increase site visits
 Increase HR Recruitment processes (tools to track/manage applications online)
 Easy for staff to administer and update
 Linking to Hoh Nation Culture
 Linking to ongoing activities, Tribal Council Meetings and updates
 Intregrated blog with Social Media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr)
 Educates Non-Natives in Hoh Nation, culture, history and present day
 Gets and gains donations (PayPal, Google Payments, Square, or others)
 Responsive layout (WordPress, Square Space, others welcomed)
 Events calendar (using G-Suite Calendars)
 Interactive map (using G-Suite Maps or ArcGIS Online/Portal)

D. Bid Requirements: All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the front of the envelope with:

Proposal must be submitted to the Hoh Tribe in Forks, Washington by 3:00 p.m. (P.D.S.T.) on Friday December 2, 2016.
E. Each Proposal Must Contain the Following Elements:
• Qualifications:
• Rate Schedule:

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