Jun 13

Federal Contract Jobs – Bridge Project, Ocean Shores

CASCADE BRIDGE, L.L.C. has been awarded a federal aid contract with WSDOT in the Ocean Shores area. They are looking for bridge carpenters and laborers to meet their minority/female federal aid requirement, but also needs additional crew to staff this project. The project is expected to begin June 26, 2017.  Pay depends on qualification/experience. Housing and transportation are not provided, however; they are working with the hotels in the area to locate accommodations for non-local hires.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in this project work please contact the Project Superintendent, Josh Franzke, directly for more information. Job applications are available at the Hoh Tribe Human Resources Office, or you can click here to download and print the application. If you need assistance in filling it out the application and/or forwarding if for consideration, please contact Kim O’Neil in Human Resources (360-374-7771).


Josh Franzke, Project Superintendent

(c) 360.713.7245



Cascade Bridge, L.L.C.

ATT: Josh Franzke, Project Superintendent

14215 NW 3rd Court, Vancouver, WA 98685

PH  (360) 737-6576  /  FAX (360) 737-6579

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