Mar 08

Spring Break Youth Activities

Hoh Tribe Youth Spring Break Agenda

Spring Break Permission Sheets

Please be sure to pick up Permission Sheets in the Administration Office by Friday, March 30th. No child is able to participate without signed Permission Sheets.

We will be picking up youth and parents in Forks at the Transit Center each day to ride the bus

Monday: 8:45 am

Tuesday: 9:40 am

Wednesday: 8:45 am

Thursday: 8:45 am

Friday: 8:45 am

We encourage each parent to pack a lunch for each child, we will be providing snacks for the kids throughout the day but we will not provide a full lunch.

We also encourage that if your child would like to buy anything such as additional food or souvenirs that they bring their own money.

Please dress for the weather and all activities are tentative if we have inclement weather situations.

We ask that each child bring a backpack with an umbrella and an extra set of clothing in case of accidents.

All Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a parent or adult over the age of 18 who will be responsible for them at all times.

Anyone that would like to volunteer to Chaperone please let the Family Services Department know ahead of time so we can do a background check.

For questions please contact Tara.

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  1. Larry Mcfarlane

    Looking for basketball tournaments for high schoolage. Know of any over that way?

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