Our Government

Business Committee

Hoh Tribe Business Committee The Hoh Tribal Business Committee is the governing body of the Tribal Administration, elected by the General Council. Chairman Bernard Afterbuffalo         Vice-Chairman Melvinjohn Ashue         Secretary Lisa Martinez         Treasurer Rosetta Hernandez         Council Member Derek Benally   …


Hoh Tribal Administration Administration includes the fiscal office, reception, planning, housing and transportation. Executive Director Bob Smith 360-374-6501 Administrative Assistant Kristina Currie 360-374-6502 Economic Development Melvinjohn Ashue 360-374-5415 Human Resources Director Darel MAxfield 360-374-5415 Housing Director Vacant 360-374-4281 Emergency Preparedness Ernest Penn 360-374-3357 Lead Bookkeeper Lisa Martinez 360-374-6277 Programs Manager Lynette Ashue 360-374-6137 Receptionist Tahnee …

Health Services

Chief Klia Wellness Center The Hoh Tribe Health Clinic provides a variety of services for the health and welfare of the community. Indian Child Welfare, Community Health Resources, Substance Abuse, Social Services, Youth Programs, and Guardian Ad Litem are among the services handled by the Health Clinic. Chief Klia Wellness Center Community Health Representative (CHR) …

Family Services

Director Tara Sexton 360-374-5037 Indian Child Welfare Case Manager Katie Pullen 360-374-5022 Childcare Family ServicesDirector Tara Sexton 360-374-5037 ICW Case Manager Katie Pullen 360-374-5022 LIHEAP Family Services Director Tara Sexton 360-374-5037 ICW Case Manager Katie Pullen 360-374-5022 Victims of Crime VOCA Program Manager Janice Barrera 360-374-5415 VOCA Program Advocate Ceciliajean Ashue 360-374-2687 360-780-0146 Youth Program …

Hoh River Indian Tribe

Natural Resources

Interim Natural Resource Director Joseph Gilbertson 360-374-5404       Water Quality Specialist/Habitat Biologist Joel Greene 360-374-8616       Timber, Fish and Wildlife Biologist Susannah Spock 360-374-2200       Fisheries Manager Joe Gilbertson 360-374-6737       GIS Specialist Wendy Largent 360-374-6515       Hatchery Manager Ruben Hernandez 360-986-2829       …


Housing Department Interim Director Kristina Currie 360-374-6502 The purpose of the Hoh Tribe’s Housing Department is to provide adequate and affordable housing and housing services to low and moderate income Indian families and individuals within the Indian area served by the Hoh Tribe.  The Housing Committee and Housing Director have made it a priority to remain sensitive to the …

Public Works

Hoh Tribe Department of Community Department of Community includes Utilities, Food, Water, and Custodial Operations. Public Works Director Vacant 360-374-6090 Maintenance Maintenance Cynthia Sheriff 360-374-6090 Maintenance/Water Technician 360-374-6090

Public Safety/Law Enforcement

Public Safety Fisheries Law Enforcement Fisheries Enforcement Ernie Penn 360-374-3357 Fisheries Enforcement Philip Riebe 360-374-3357 Law Enforcement Jefferson County Sheriff Joe Pursley 360-374-3379 Jefferson County Sheriff Gene Hoagland 360-374-3379 Jefferson County Contact Numbers: Dispatch (360) 385-3831 Ext 1 EMERGENCY DIAL 911

Tribal Court

Hoh Tribal Court Court Clerk Tahnee Hudson 360-374-6137 Probation Officer Claire Horejsi 360-374-3240 Judges and Prosecutor Judge Steckel Judge Smith Prosecutor/Presenting Officer: Tim Rybka

Tribal Attorney

Tribal Attorney Leann Easton Lobbyist Debbie Ho