Oct 25


The Food Bank is open to all community members Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


For More Information contact:
Lorraine Cress
Desk: 360-374-5423
Cell: 360-780-0010

Jan 23

Drum Group Van

Starting Wednesday, a van will leave Hoh River Wednesday’s at 4:30 pm to go to La Push Drum Group. Limited Seating.

Call Kelly Rosales for more information, 360-374-3240.

Mar 24

Draft Ethics Code and Election Ordinance

Here are the Draft Ordinances for community meeting coming up in April.


Code of Ethics_1

Mar 17

Housing Newsletter

The Housing Newsletters are now posted under the Housing Section of the Website. Here is the most recent one:

Newsletter March 2015

Mar 11

Draft Forest Management Plan and Environmental Assessment

Draft Forest Management Plan and Environmental Assessment:
The Hoh Tribe Natural Resource Department recently contracted with local timber consultant Pacific Forest Management Inc. in Forks, WA to develop a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) mandated Forest Management Plan covering all lands held in trust of the Hoh Tribe. This document not only satisfies the BIA’s legal requirements to maintain such a plan, but provides our community and staff with a framework to sensibly and sustainably manage land resources in the coming years. Though this plan is “non-expiring” it preserves important
opportunities for revisions, updates and input from the dynamic ecosystem we belong to. I encourage all those who are interested Forest Management Planning to contact the Director of Natural Resources, Steve Allison to review this document as well as provide your input,
ask question, or express your concerns related to management of timber resources here at the Hoh river.

Draft FMP Environmental Assessment

Draft FMP Hoh Tribe

Mar 11

New Hoh Housing Policy’s

Cynthia would like to share the new Housing Policy’s.

Hoh Housing Policies Adopted 011515

Oct 14

Hunting and Fishing Meetings

Hunting and Fishing Meeting
3rd Thursday of every month
1:00 at Court Building.

Mar 31

Affordable Health Care Act Information

Here are some links to information about the Affordable Health Care Act and how it applies to members of the Hoh Indian Tribe as well as other Tribes.

Brochures and Publications:

FAQ from Healthcare.gov concerning American Indians:

Information pertaining to the use of I.H.S. and the Affordable Care Act:

Apply for Health Care:
State of Washington: www.wahealthplanfinder.org/HBEWeb/Annon_DisplayHomePage.action?authn_try_count=0&contextType=external&username=string&contextValue=%2Foam&password=sercure_string&challenge_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wahealthplanfinder.org%2FHBEWeb%2FAnnon_DisplayHomePage.action&request_id=-6027712712859114330&locale=en_US&resource_url=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.wahealthplanfinder.org
Other States: https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/b/welcome/

Applying for an Exemption:

Nov 04

Code Enactment

TITLE 21 Code Enactment