Oct 25


The Food Bank is open to all community members Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


For More Information contact:
LaToya Hudson
Desk: 360-374-4284

Jun 14

RFP: Broadband Feasibility Study

Broadband Fisability Study_Page_1

Broadband Fisability Study_Page_2

Broadband Feasibility Study

Jun 13

Federal Contract Jobs – Bridge Project, Ocean Shores

CASCADE BRIDGE, L.L.C. has been awarded a federal aid contract with WSDOT in the Ocean Shores area. They are looking for bridge carpenters and laborers to meet their minority/female federal aid requirement, but also needs additional crew to staff this project. The project is expected to begin June 26, 2017.  Pay depends on qualification/experience. Housing and transportation are not provided, however; they are working with the hotels in the area to locate accommodations for non-local hires.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in this project work please contact the Project Superintendent, Josh Franzke, directly for more information. Job applications are available at the Hoh Tribe Human Resources Office, or you can click here to download and print the application. If you need assistance in filling it out the application and/or forwarding if for consideration, please contact Kim O’Neil in Human Resources (360-374-7771).


Josh Franzke, Project Superintendent

(c) 360.713.7245



Cascade Bridge, L.L.C.

ATT: Josh Franzke, Project Superintendent

14215 NW 3rd Court, Vancouver, WA 98685

PH  (360) 737-6576  /  FAX (360) 737-6579

Jun 09

Hoh Watershed Adventure Camp

Hoh Water Shed Adventure Camp_Page_1

Hoh Watershed Adventure Camp

May 08

MSPI Program Coordinator

The MSPI Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Hoh Indian Tribe’s Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI). The Program Coordinator is responsible for day to day oversight of the project and executing administrative duties necessary to complete the scope of the work agreed upon with the funding agency. This will include evening and weekend engagement with at risk populations with diagnosed and undiagnosed behavioral health issues, including alcohol, drug and substance abuse. For a complete job description, please Click Here.

TO APPLY: Download the Hoh Tribe Employment Application at www.hohtribe-nsn.org or click here.  Submit a complete application along with a cover letter and resume containing three professional work references. If claiming Tribal hiring preference, please include this in your cover letter along with the tribal affiliation. Complete applications may be submitted electronically to www.hr@hohtribe-nsn.org or via fax to 360-374-5426.  Application materials may also be mailed to the following address:

Hoh Indian Tribe
ATT: Human Resources
P.O. Box 2196
Forks, WA 98331.
All application materials must be complete and be received on or before 4:00 p.m. Monday, June 12, 2017 to receive consideration.  For more information, please contact the Human Resources (360) 374-6582.

May 08

Request for Qualifications – Construction Pre-Qualified list

Request for Qualifications Construction Pre-Qualified List

Request for Qualifications Construction Pre-Qualified List_Page_1

Request for Qualifications Construction Pre-Qualified List_Page_2

May 08

Request for Proposal: Cultural Resource Database

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_1

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_2

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_3

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_4

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_5

RFPs Creating Cultural Resources Database-Final-Khalid May 11 2017_Page_6

RFP Creating Cultural Resources Database

Mar 13

Job Opening – Victims Advocate, Program Manager

The Crime Victim’s Program Manager is responsible for supervising and performing work related to the Tribal Crime Victims’ Assistance Program (TCVP). Duties include serving as a victim’s advocate, supervising and training supporting staff and volunteers, providing on-call response, presenting emergency orders of protection, assisting with crime victims’ compensation, promoting public education and providing social assistance. Manager will supervises the day-to-day activities of the victim’s advocacy program which includes planning, coordinating, administering, and evaluating programs, projects, processes, procedures, and standards; ensures compliance with Federal, State, and Tribal laws, regulations, codes, and/or standards. For a complete job description, click here.

To down load an Hoh Tribe Employment Application click here. COMPLETE APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECIEVED ON OR BEFORE THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS 4:00 PM ON JUNE 30, 2017. Questions, please call Human Resources at 360.374.7771.

Feb 21

Job Opening – Executive Director

The Executive Director works under the general direction of the Hoh Tribe Business Council to develop and manage the tribe’s business operations and enterprises, promote and enforce the Hoh Tribe’s Treaty Rights and interests in the Usual and Accustomed Treaty Areas, and develop and implement the Tribes policies and legislation. The individual is responsible for developing implementing Tribal policies and procedures, overseeing a wide variety of programs and related plans and budgets, and for providing leadership to the community, staff and program managers. The Executive Director assumes responsibility for safeguarding the Tribe’s physical and financial assets through effective management practices while developing strong relationships with staff, the Tribal community and various outside agencies. For a complete description of duties and responsibilities, please click here.  To complete the Hoh Tribe Employment Applications please click here.



Jan 24

RFP – Design-Build Fisheries/Admin Office Building

Hoh Tribe Administration/Fisheries Office Building

The Hoh Tribe is soliciting architect/construction firms with expertise in providing Design-Build services to submit qualifications for the construction of a new Administration Building. The Design-Builder selected must have the ability to provide the full-range of services or to team with sub-consultants or subcontractors necessary to complete the preconstruction and construction phases of the Project.
The Hoh Tribe is requesting Bids for Proposal for the full architectural and engineering services to perform planning, design, site development, construction documents and construction administration for the scope of work the Administration/Fisheries Office Building. All potential offers are encouraged to review each section of the following document carefully, especially mandatory requirements.
This RFP may result in award of multiple contracts to the same architectural firm, if appropriate to support multiple cycles of funding associated with the complete development of the Proposed Administration Offices.
The Tribe has received approximately $1.6 million to construct our new offices. The facility will house offices for 30-60 employees, conference rooms, kitchen and break room, Fisheries research and testing labs, reception area,
The Design-Builder will be responsible to provide project leadership to accomplish the project design, project budget and project construction goals. This includes managing all facets of design and construction of the proposed office facility from conception to completion. Throughout the performance of the Design-Builder’s services on the Project, Project Manager shall provide guidance and management on behalf of the Tribe, and Design Builder will report to and work closely with the Project Manager.
We are seeking the design of an Administration Building with a number of desirable attributes including being:
Site-work as required for building;
• Functional Building that meets spatial needs and requirements, system performance as well as durability and efficient maintenance of building elements;
• Safe/secure physical and psychological well-being and comfort of the occupants, including building elements such as air distribution, lighting, workspaces, systems and technology;
• Cost-effective- selection of building elements on the basis of life-cycle costs (weighing options during concepts, design development, and value engineering) as well as basic cost estimating and budget control;
• Aesthetic-physical appearance and image of building elements and spaces as well as the integrated design process;
• Culturally appropriate – with Hoh Tribal décor, a talking circle and other suitable space for cultural activities, cultural images inside and outside signify Tribal importance of culture
• Sustainable – optimization of environmental performance of building elements and strategies, including optimized site/building potential, renewable energy, water conservation, enhanced indoor environmental quality, optimized operational and maintenance practices wherever possible;
• Design and development of a kitchen suitable for serving 200 people
Pre-Construction Activities:
• Budgeting: Working with project team which may include Hoh Tribal leadership, staff, legal counsel and other professional consultants engaged by the Tribe to develop a detailed project budget and design.
• Ingress/Egress: Work with Project Team to determine how ingress/egress plans may impact operations and what operation needs there may be necessitating specific ingress/egress plans and then working with the civil engineer/architect to provide a detailed construction budget. The Design-Builder will need to coordinate with the Project Manager and other Project team members to ensure there is no duplication of services and costs.
• Preliminary Project Design: Design-Builder should develop preliminary site plans showing the building and orientation, paving, vehicular circulation, ingress/egress and green spaces.
• Project Construction Schedule: Create a realist Construction Schedule for the Project.
• Project Management: Managing all aspects of the design and construction planning in accordance with all tribal ordinances and laws.
• Project Scoping: Working with the Project Ream to develop a detailed set of recommendations as to the size, scope and amenities. The Design-Builder should review all Environmental Review, existing studies and plans to determine their viability and make adjustments using the information gathered by the Project Team if needed.
• Permitting and Other Pre-Construction Activities: Provide all necessary services typically expected of a Design-Builder for the Project. Adequately communicate such activities to the Project Managers.
Construction Activities:
• Design: Perform all necessary final site plan and floor plan design services in concert with the Project Team, including but not limited to civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, grading, storm water design, parking, landscaping, exterior lighting, and HVAC and Security design services.
• Ingress/Egress: Provide construction services in concert with the civil engineers/architect plans to execute the agreed upon and approved ingress/egress plans. The Design-Builder will need to coordinate with the civil engineer/architect and other Project ream members to ensure there is no duplication of services and costs.
• Permitting and Other Activities: Provide all necessary services typically expected of a Design-Builder for a like project adequately communicate status of such services to the Project Manager and Project Team.
• Construction: Provide all necessary construction and procurement activities adhering to the Construction schedule.
• Response: Provide a clear response in whole to this RFP.
• Communication and input: Maintain, throughout the course of the Project, satisfactory and timely communication with the Project Team. Specifically, providing timely progress reports to the Project Manager and nursing all coordination and other pertinent information is properly conveyed to the Project Manager and the Project Team as a whole.
• Confidentiality: Any and all reports, Project and/or construction documents shall become the confidential and proprietary property of, and are not to be communicated, transferred, or given over to any individual, entity, or organization without the expressed written consent of the Tribe or their appointed representatives.
• Implementation. The Design-Builder is responsible for implementing and facilitating decisions necessary and agreed to in order to continue the progress of the Project to accomplish the overall objectives. The Design-Builder shall work with the Project Team to ensure the timely completion of the Project and within the approved budget.
The Design-Builder must adhere to any applicable tribal, federal, law applicable to the Project.
• This invitation is unrestricted however preference shall be given to Indian Organizations and Indian Owned Economic Enterprises.
• Possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience in design, development and construction of office buildings.
• Ability to prepare budgets and projections.
• Ability to work will with tribal personnel, community members, vendors and the Project Team.
• Knowledge and understanding of tribal governments and tribal enterprises.
• Possess all necessary professional licenses.
Statement of Work: Must demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues directly relevant to the Design-Builder’s work, including the objective and scope of work.
Work Plan Summary: An outline summarizing the proposed Project consisting of tasks involved in the Project. The task descriptions should be in sufficient depth to afford the Tribe a thorough understanding of the proposed scope of work. This should include a description of the performance measurement techniques, data sources and analytical methods planned to be used in completing the Project.
Statement of Qualifications: Design-Builder must submit a statement of all similar projects conducted. The projects should be identified and the name of the client shown, including the name, addresses and phone number of the responsible official of the client company and the total cost of the project. This should include experience of core crew and subcontractors. This information will be considered confidential and shall not extend beyond the Tribe or its direct agents.
Statement of Potential Conflicts of Interest: The Design-Builder must disclose any contracts, services rendered, relationships, circumstances, or interests between the firm, its consultants, or subcontractors and other clients that could pose any conflicts of interests, influence judgment or impair objectivity, or give the appearance of such conflicts. If there have been no such relationships, a statement to that effect is to be included in the proposal.
Fee, Expense and Construction Cost Analysis: Please provide activities and describe any projected expenses and any expense multipliers that will be applied.
Time Estimates: A summary timeline indicating the total time required from date of commencement of the work until completion of the Project.
Statement of Confidentiality: During the course of the Project, the progress or preliminary findings of the Design-Builder shall not be disclosed to any party other than the Tribe or its assigned representatives and all findings shall be treated as proprietary information.
Incurring Costs: All liability for costs incurred by any individual or firm in preparing their proposal, expended during the selection process, or otherwise incurred prior to the receipt of an executed contract will be the responsibility of the individual or firm. Please include a statement acknowledging this in the proposal.
Professional Licenses: Please include a copy of all current professional licenses.
Suspension/Debarment: Please indicate, by answering, if your company or any person associated therewith in the capacity of owner, partner, director, officer or any position involving the administration of Federal or State funds:
a. Is currently under suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion or determination of ineligibility by any federal, state or tribal agency.
b. Has been suspended, debarred, voluntarily excluded or determined ineligible by any federal, state or tribal agency within the past 3 years.
c. Does have a proposed debarment pending; or has been indicted, convicted ,or had a civil judgment rendered against it or them by a court of competent jurisdiction in any matter involving fraud or official misconduct within the past 3 years.

All proposals received shall be subject to evaluation by the Tribe, the Tribe’s legal counsel, and the Tribe’s financial advisor. The following areas of consideration will be among those used in making the selection:
1. Understanding of the Tasks and Responsibilities: This refers to the Design Builder’s understanding of the Project objectives, and the nature and scope of the work involved.
2. Design-Builder’s Qualifications: This includes the demonstrated ability of the Design-Builder to meet the terms and requirements of the RFP in a qualified and timely manner. The Design-Builder should possess knowledge and background in accordance with the Scope of Work requirements.
3. Soundness of Approach: Emphasis here is on the techniques used, the sequence and relationships of major steps, the methods of performing the Project, and the thoroughness of task identification and development.
4. Fees, Expenses, Expense Multipliers, and Percentage for Profit and Overhead: This area will be weighed, but it will not be the sole determining factor. However, the Tribe encourages respondents to provide the most competitive but realistic pricing possible and to clearly identify how profit, expenses, expense multipliers, and overhead are charged.
5. Potential Conflicts of Interest/Independence: In order to ensure an independent Project and provide maximum credibility to the recommendations, proposals will not be accepted that could pose any conflicts of interests, influence judgment or impair objectivity, or give the appearance of such conflicts.
6. Native American Priority: Priority in selection will be given to Native American owned companies and companies with Native American employees.
7. Woman and Minority Owned Companies: Consideration will be given to those companies who have shown to be woman or minority owned.
8. Reference Checks: Current or past performance as determined by Reference Checks.
9. Prior Tribal Experience: Priority in selection will be given to companies with past experience working with tribes.
To be considered, proposals must be received no later than 4:00 PM PST on February 27, 2017. Design-Builders must provide an electronic copy of their responses by emailing Catherine Edwards at catherine.edwards@hohtribe-nsn.org. Please use the subject line: Hoh Tribe Admin/Fisheries Building RFP. Questions should also be directed to Catherine Edwards, by using the email above. Questions may be asked until the submission date. Please also submit three (3) hard copies of your materials by mailing them to the following address:
Hoh Tribe
PO Box 2196
Forks WA 98331
Attn: Catherine Edwards

Nov 02

Website Development RFP


Website Development

A. Introduction:
We are a small Tribe located 23 miles south of Forks. We have 256 enrolled citizens and half of them under the age of 18. Our reservation has limited broadband, internet and wireless connectivity. One of our strategic goals, is to establish a dynamic, innovative, proactive tribal leadership exercising sovereignty in ways that are effective, efficient, visible, utilizes leading edge technology and is guided by our tribal citizens.

Our organization currently utilizes G-Suite for our business and government communications, and we are seeking to integrate these services within our public facing website. Any and all proposals can and should include details about the applicants experience in leveraging G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) in their website design offerings. For a complete list of technologies currently utilized by our organization, feel free to email it@hohtribe-nsn.org with questions, comments or concerns.

B. Period of Performance

C. Scope of Work: We are looking for a redesign of our website, that we can link to social media and allows us to remain competitive in today’s market. We are looking for simplicity for our end users, who are our Tribal citizens, but we also want to be known for forward thinking, and utilizing cutting edge technology.

 Increase use among our citizens and their children
 Increase site visits
 Increase HR Recruitment processes (tools to track/manage applications online)
 Easy for staff to administer and update
 Linking to Hoh Nation Culture
 Linking to ongoing activities, Tribal Council Meetings and updates
 Intregrated blog with Social Media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr)
 Educates Non-Natives in Hoh Nation, culture, history and present day
 Gets and gains donations (PayPal, Google Payments, Square, or others)
 Responsive layout (WordPress, Square Space, others welcomed)
 Events calendar (using G-Suite Calendars)
 Interactive map (using G-Suite Maps or ArcGIS Online/Portal)

D. Bid Requirements: All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the front of the envelope with:

Proposal must be submitted to the Hoh Tribe in Forks, Washington by 3:00 p.m. (P.D.S.T.) on Friday December 2, 2016.
E. Each Proposal Must Contain the Following Elements:
• Qualifications:
• Rate Schedule:

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